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Programme for Mentors and A Guidebook for SME Mentors

Within the Cap4App project, University of Zadar (UNIZD) developed a Programme for mentors, which has two parts, a proposal of training programme for in-company mentors -description of required teaching and pedagogical competences, and a plan for implementation of the programme. UNIZD provided their expertise in teaching and development of proposal of training programme for mentors, in defining roles of in-company mentors, pedagogical learning outcomes and relevant training advice for mentors for the guidebook.

A Guidebook for SME Mentors contains a set of information for enterprises that potential mentors need to know so they could provide training to the apprentices including legal regulation, VET system structure, pedagogical and psychological aspects of training, organization of apprenticeship etc. Documents offer specific guidelines and advices that help understand complicated regulation and processes in simple way, and practical advices and procedures to follow when working with apprentices, e.g. how to interview students, how to organize training, cooperate with school, information on learning styles etc.. The complex administration and legal requirements are simply laid out, in a user-friendly way, for companies to find necessary information.

Programme for SME mentors was implemented by CCE and UNIZD in following project activities. Both Guidebook and Programme had an impact on trained in-company mentors (in the scope of WP5) and education experts and will continue to have an impact on future mentors who enrol in training events.

Programme for Mentors is available here.
A Guidebook for SME Mentors is available here.



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