Set of translated Austrian documents

Partners from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) provided Croatian partners with relevant legal documents and manuals in the field of vocational education and training that were in the scope of WP3 of the Cap4App project translated from German into Croatian.

List of translated Austrian documents:
- Vocational Training Act (Berufsausbildungsgesetz, BAG, BGBl. no. 142/1969) – translated to gain a deeper understanding of Austrian VET system.
- IVET Trainer Examination Regulations (Ausbilderprüfungsordnung  Fassung -  Ordinance on the exam of trainers for IVET).
- Ausbildungsmappe für Lehrbetriebe – Infomappe. A guidebook for employers taking on students on apprenticeship in dual system.
- Contract between the student and the employer – Lehrvertrag.
- Example of the vocational curricula - training regulation.

Translated documents were the basis for the activities in WP4 “Development of a Package of Requirements for SMEs”. Documents were thoroughly analysed by all the partners and facilitated the drafting of several documents designed for SMEs, SME mentors, Apprenticeship Advisors and other target groups indirectly: procedures and forms in Toolbox for Apprenticeship Advisors, criteria for SMEs and Guidebook for mentors, as well as drafting of PO1-CCE proposals in ongoing VET policy changes in Croatia.
Documents are available on the link.