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In-company trainers competences

On this page, we have outlined the relevant materials from projects and initiatives that deal with the subject of training of in-company mentors for working with apprentices.

In Croatia, according to Vocational Education Act (Official Gazette No 30/2009) and Act on Trade (Official Gazette No 143/2013) a person conducting practical teaching in the apprenticeship has to acquire pedagogical competence to be an in-company mentor, or to pass the test, which proves the basic knowledge on teaching of the students. According to Program of acquisition of pedagogical competences for vocational teachers, teaching assistants and mentors, person conducting practical teaching in the apprenticeship should complete the special program in duration of 225 hours and gain 60 ECTS points. This program greatly hampered mentorship-licensing process and it is not in accordance with the possibilities of employers.

Below we list examples of practices from EU countries that have successful apprenticeship systems. To enhance the status, qualifications and core competences and to improve professional development opportunities for in-company trainers, many countries have evolved sector-based and national initiatives. All programs have some similarities although the implementation models are quite different.
Materials provide overview of key features of the apprenticeship systems governance and regulations, roles of social partners and companies, financing, training and teaching, and attractiveness and excellence of VET.

Croatia is yet to do a complete analysis and profile of in-company mentors.

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