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Trained Apprenticeship Advisors

One of the most important tasks of the project was to set up long-lasting system of contact points for providing information and materials, by establishing network of apprenticeship advisors among partners’ staff. With a goal of training experts in partners’ institutions, partners implemented several activities: a study visit, a workshop, meetings, and trainined advisors to administer database.

Throughout the project, partners maintained regular communication with Apprenticeship Advisors. Aside from project partners, 19 people from PO1-CCE County Chambers were trained (one in each county chamber) who will serve as a local contact point for interested SMSs.
employees of PO1-CCE and partners institution to work with SMEs and schools.

List of Apprenticeship Advisors is available here

During their training, Advisors gained knowledge on the system of vocational education in the Republic of Croatia: the roles of stakeholders, organization of in-company apprenticeship and practical training, incentives that exist for entrepreneurs, current legislative changes, programme for in-company mentors and future processes in the CCE.

For Apprenticeship Advisors, the partnership developed a toolbox, document which contains different information on VET system in Croatia and apprenticeships: status of students, involvement of SMEs, obligations of the employers, procedure of licencing of the companies, conditions for taking on apprentices, incentives for companies, safety regulations and other legal stipulations. The document was published and printed in 300 copies. Aside from being distributed to Apprenticeship Advisors in county chambers, it was promoted and distributed at different project events, other dissemination opportunities and in direct communication with target group representatives. Documents had direct impact on Advisors and companies as they facilitated access to the information and encouraged supply for apprenticeships in SMEs.

Toolbox for Apprenticeship Advisors is available here.

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