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Announcement: The Conference for SME Mentors

The conference for SME mentors will be held on Monday, 28 May 2018 at Croatian Chamber of Economy, Rooseveltov trg 2, Zagreb. The aim of the conference is to discuss the role of in-company mentors in the context of vocational education, different models of training programs and practice in their implementation.

The work-based learning in the real work environment is an integral and inseparable part of vocational education, which is implemented in partnership between vocational education institutions and business entities. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the learning outcomes, it is necessary to provide the conditions for quality assurance of apprenticeship, which calls for a stronger involvement of employers in the system of vocational education and strengthening of mentorship in enterprises. In the training process, mentors have a central role in the student's professional development during formal education because they directly influence the success of practical training and apprenticeship in the form of training of future employees who will be able to work independently in accordance with the requirements of the profession and work processes.

Cap4App project team developed Programme for Mentors and A Guidebook for SME Mentors, and in April, the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the University of Zadar organized a training program for mentors in companies, organizations and agencies for the implementation of apprenticeship training for secondary vocational school students. The conference will present the project results so far, including the beta version of the database of licenced enterprises

Please confirm your participation by filling in the registration form by May 25 at the latest.

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