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Cedefop opinion survey on vocational education and training in Europe

In 2016, Cedefop launched opinion survey aimed at investigating European citizens’ opinions on vocational education and training (VET). A total of 35,646 interviews were conducted among the European citizens aged over 15, resident in the EU. The survey provides data on Europeans’ opinions on four main areas: awareness and knowledge, attractiveness and access, satisfaction and experience, outcomes and effectiveness of vocational education and training in Europe.
Some of the results are presented below:

The vast majority (71%) of European citizens have heard about VET and know what it VET is.

Around two in three Europeans (68%) think that vocational education at the upper secondary stage has a positive image in their country, while just under a quarter (23%) think the opposite.

The two main reasons for choosing VET as an educational path given by respondents who did vocational education are the likelihood of finding a job (46%) and interest in the subjects (41%).

Almost nine out of ten graduates (87%) who have gone through VET are happy with the work-related skills they have acquired, while only 62% of general education graduates report being satisfied with their acquired job related skills.

60% of the people that have participated in VET got a long-term job within a month of finishing their studies.

40% of respondents would recommend VET to young people, while only 27% would recommend general education.

84% of EU citizens agree that general education has a more positive image than vocational education in their country.

3 in 4 Europeans think that students with low grades are directed towards vocational education in their countries.

1 in 3 EU citizens do not think that VET leads to well-paid or highly regarded jobs.

40% of EU citizens were not given information about VET when making a decision about their upper secondary education.

1 in 4 general education students were advised against taking VET when making a decision about their education.

Within these concepts, the survey provides important insights into people’s opinions on VET that can play in designing future VET policies.
More about survey and survey results on CEDEFOP webpage.

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